Azure Function App – Save your Time and Money.

With N no of Microsoft Azure PAAS offerings, Azure Functions is one of them and they are fairly new, powerful and easy to use.

I am a big fan of Azure Function App. The reason is I don’t need anything on my machine to build any code or any application. Just the internet and browser are sufficient. I can start writing my code on Azure Portal itself without bothering too much about the tools I need to code my application on my local machine first. The code will get BUILD once saved on the portal.

Now, this was all about Saving Time while working with Azure Functions.

Let’s see how it acts as a Money Saver.

With Azure Functions there comes a special feature called as “Consumption/Dynamic” plan. This is similar to conventional App Service Plan in the sense it provides a VM to run the Function app. However, the VM is not reserved throughout the lifetime of the application hosted. When your application is “actually” working or performing any task the VM is needed. Once the task is over or the processing is done and application sitting idle the VM will be released.

Normally with Azure Web Apps or App Service, we create an App Service Plan where we chose what all configurations we need for a VM to host our application. Once we chose this we get billed for that till the time our application is there. Even if the application is in the Stopped or disabled state we will get a bill for that. With Azure Functions on COnsumption Plan the VM is not reserved and hence we get bill only for the time our application is running or processing.


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